billy dog breed

Dog French trail of relatively large size, with layer of hair smooth, Hunter exceptional, great smell, optimal strength and good speed, is used in hunting to horse of the Hare, roe deer and wild boar.

Its main feature is the layer of hair smooth, hard to the touch, often thick, it can be completely white, blanch-cafe milk, white with spots, with a steel chair mount or “capita” on the back of Orange, more or less intense color.

billy dog breed

The origin, this dog should be sought between the white dogs of the King, so appreciated by Louis XIV and dispersed later by his successor Louis XV.

It was Mr Montaimboeuf who, using the few remaining fixed a race which took its name. Successively Hublot du Rivault formed a large Pack of dogs Ceris, created by the eponymous Ceris Mr crossing small dogs from Switzerland – with the Orange and white coat – with the surviving white dogs from the King. Finally, later the own Hublot du Rivault crossing a Poitevin-Larye male with some Ceris females and then across these products with a Stallion Montaimboeuf, got dogs with the layer white and orange, are the parents of the current Billy. Towards the end of the 19th century, the race was definitely set taking these dogs into France, a rapid dissemination, to the point of forming packs quite numerous.

Solid structure, powerful and at the same time elegant, Billy is a dog (long line with thin head and truffle well developed, lively, open and dark eyes and slightly lengthened with the solid top line trunk.)

Freehand to the cross. Males 61-67 cm, females 58-62 cm.

Head. Quite thin and Gaunt, of average length. Relatively square snout. Well-developed, matron-anaranjado or black truffle intense. Nasal cane quite long, straight and wide. Little lips: the upper lip covers a little lower. Marked stop. Slightly convex front a little wide. Occipital Protuberance.

Eyes. Dark, edged palpable black or brown.

Ears. Media insertion a little high, relatively flat length and ending with a small scroll.

Neck. In average, so a bit rounded and strong, with slight double chin length.

Previous extremities is. Shoulders long enough and relatively adhering to the sides. Flat, straight strong arms.

Body. Very fallen chest and somewhat narrow. Flat ribs. Back width, relatively strong and somewhat convex. Kidneys wide, slightly arched. Quite long and sometimes flanks slightly retracted. Sloping Croup.

Hind limbs. Moderately muscled thighs. Little angled, wide and strong hocks.

Feet. Well built, closed, quite round.

Queue. Relatively long, it is high on the dog.

Fur. Smooth, hard to the touch, sometimes a little thick. Colour: completely white or blanch-cafe milk, sometimes with spots of fire.

POWER. Needs in Kcal. Daily as a maintenance ration, have been calculated, for this hound that is used especially for deer hunting, in 1,500-1,550. In individuals who develop some physical activity, needs in vitamins and minerals, as well as Kcal increase significantly.

DAILY CARE. It is a fundamental condition for a good performance at work, arriving at the day of hunting this dog in optimum physical conditions, obtained with a rational power and proper training. A convenient “athletic” preparation can prevent mishaps on certain occasions, serious, such as heart failure. Some owners tend to protect the fur of the Billy of atmospheric elements, before hunting, massage the entire body with medicinal oil or lanolin.

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