Beginnings of the dog-human communication

Communication between the human and the dog was not of outright emotional, it was “interested”. The first relationship of man with the ancestors of the dog was an association of mutual interest.

Prehistoric man had the idea to ally with the jackals lurking around the camps, using them as sentries and as AIDS to hunting. Primitive tribes thanked jackals for their precious help by giving them food.

the dogs

The early domesticates took place twelve thousand years BC. The coexistence of dogs baby and child has been promoted through a practice which still exists today among certain tribes, namely breastfeeding by women of young dogs adopted and tame.

The introduction of a dog in a group of men is therefore socially and physiologically possible. Great capacity of adaptation of the dog will allow it to quickly become a full share of the social group, or member of the family unit.

Its assimilation into a family is even more simple that Canids live in social groups that generally derive from the family unit (couple and young of the year) and organized themselves into patriarchal society, i.e. According to the same original organization as a family. In addition, as for children, the socialization of young people is based on interaction with the other members of the social group by game processes.

Finally, as in humans, the sharing of food presents a strong emotional and symbolic value in the lives of animals. The similarities in the Organization of the group have brought about an approximation of structures. The emotional and the emotional will appear later.

This resemblance, associated with the sociable nature of domestic carnivores, their ability to adapt to the lifestyle and the social behavior of man, has facilitated the domestication of the dog. Their ability to learn and to integrate the many signals emitted by humans was probably also favored as well as their capacity for learning and impregnation of young people, especially during the critical period of their development.

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