Bathing the dog

All acts of grooming,bathing is probably the one who deserves the most attention.This is the essential basis for any subsequent toilet.It applies to all races,including those that do not otherwise toilet.Two things matter to give a good bath: products and method.

The preparations for the bath

The simplest is to use your own bath,unless you did not have a tray midway specially fitted.Prepare in advance everything you need,washing hair care for the dog (dog shampoo,conditioner,wipes …),but also material dewatering and drying.In this context,we recommend a simple sponge medium,or as a “square” flat of about twenty centimeters.That for the first spin.The next step will be achieved through an ultra-absorbent synthetic cloth,you will find very easily the radius “household” of any store.Finally,plan several terry towels clean and dry.

Bathing the dog

Close doors and windows,to prevent “escape”.A final word of recommendation: never wash a dog without first prepared,especially if long-haired and matted.Indeed,under the action of water,then drying,the nodes are tightening effect then forming a “string” irreversible.At most can do we afford to let some areas approximately disentangled,hoping that the cosmetic conditioner will use its role.We must then apply it generously on tangled areas,the rub with fingertips in the nodes (one by one) and let stand several minutes before proceeding with shampoo,then rinse everything thoroughly.

Start the bath

Gently place the dog in the bathtub,in the bottom of which you will have perhaps an old towel that will prevent it from slipping,then panic.Firmly hold the animal while talking to her and asked in a tone of calm or agitated if he tries to escape.Ideally,it is useful to tie the dog.The best side is attached,that is to say a collar fixed to a peak in the wall,or possibly attached to the base of the faucet.A hook mounted on a plastic suction cup can also be used as an attachment point,so it is quite firmly attached to the enamel of the bathtub.

The steps of the bath

Once the dog almost quiet in the bottom of the tub,we drain the anal glands,after wetting the dog quickly buttocks in the shower.Glands emptied,rinsed again well under the tail.We must then completely wet the dog from nose to tip of tail.Attention,a simple phone shower is far from achieving.Indeed,the outer coat that forms the top of the fur is almost waterproof! We must therefore go slowly shower (set to a good flow of warm water) directly on the surface of the fur.The hair on jars and immersed,no longer play their role as a barrier,and allow water to penetrate the undercoat,to the skin.

So according to this process wet the head,neck,back and tail of the dog,then chest,shoulders,flanks,thighs,and finally the legs and belly.When the fur is correctly treated,apply your first shampoo,prediluted,on the head and neck,back,buttocks and tail,then chest,sides and belly.Lather.Finish with legs,by pouring a small amount of shampoo directly on each of them,and rubbing them well,from the feet (and between the fingers!) To the top.Leave on if necessary.Rinse.Again, a good rinse is synonymous with success.The final rinse water must be perfectly clear.

However,if you use a second shampoo or cream rinse between each product can be less perfect.Just make sure you have removed the majority of previous shampoo,so that the following can penetrate to the root of the hair and skin,and take effect.The final rinse should be beyond reproach.Evil is equivalent to rinse a dull coat that sometimes seems “burnt” and often results in skin irritation.According to the races,the timing and effect,the bath can be summarized in one shampoo,or rather a series of shampoos to “specific effects” over a cream conditioner or a special blow-dry.

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