Child and dog: a special relationship

The dog is a fabulous companion for children. He contributes to their awakening and even their education. Indeed, the child learns to deal with his animal, to respect, to be a little responsible. They shall on the other and share many moments of complicity. It is always fun to see the puppy or young dog is often drawn by children, and vice versa further.

Who chooses the dog?
From a pedagogical point of view, I think that the dog helps to some extent child development by the very strong emotional relationship which binds. So it should not lose sight of that even if the child is involved in good care being the dog, they are still the parents who will have to deal most of the time.
Adopt a dog that is a companion to the child is a good motivation but do not be the only one; This is a family decision because the dog can only represent a toy for the child. Indeed, one way or another, il be in relationship with all members of the family, who all have une influence on his education.

a special relationship

Puppy or adult dog?
Ideally, it is easier to have a puppy that will be more malleable and more permeable to the style of life of the family. The child and the puppy then grow together and acquire a great complicity in education as in the shit indeed. However life is made of contingencies and the arrival of the animal is not necessarily part of planning.

It is then possible toadopt an adult dog, many cases of adoptions that go on the best in the world are there to prove it and fortunately. The child may very well link “of friendship” for an adult dog. The dog he will be surely less player than a puppy but the relationship can still be very strong.

I would say that these questions puppy or dog adult, at what age the child, what race… are important but that ultimately there is no rule. However, the child as the dog may in no case be responsible for the different types of problems that may arise between them.

The responsibility of the parents
The responsibility returned to parents, from the decision of the adoption. No question of surrender to a caprice of the child who wants a dog as it seeks a Teddy. Parents have a responsibility to teach their children to behave well with his dog. A child will naturally feel of play, wear to dress up his dog, the carry across to give chocolate… and much more still. It is important to explain to the child what he can do with his companion and that which is not recommended or even prohibited.

There are also major child development stages during which the latter plays in terms of behavior and testing things and in particular its strength. It is a normal stage in which dogs, cats and other animals, are scapegoats that uses the child to his experiences. Him pull the ears or tail, catches it the skin, her tape on the head… In short, this is a difficult period for the dog. It is not of malice on the part of the child but just learning of the pain that he is able to impose by force.

The bites are also frequent in these moments. Then before disbanding of his dog to the first alert, would it not make more sense to prevent by educating the child and monitoring well his games with his animal?
Therefore, it must be still remembered, vigilance is required. Keep an eye on the child and the dog toprevent incidents. Be Advisor is also a way of starting on the right foot and to ensure that child and dog will be able to evolve together calmly and become best friends in the world!

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