A dog breeding

Breeding dogs, this is the solution to which we turn more often when it is decided to adopt a dog. Before the adoption, it is necessary to learn about the different places where you can buy your future dog. You can acquire a dog from a pet store, a private, in a refuge in the SPA, in a farm…

Dog breeding

Once the breed of dog that should be found, it is interesting to focus on the choice ofbreeding dogs. The animal will have been in the majority of cases, raised by a family and surrounded by men, so sociabilisé. Buy a dog from a breeder also allows to know the lineage of the dog, so avoid inbreeding and disease. The farmer is obliged to indicate if the dog belongs to the LOF (French book) or if it is not a “pure race”.

Visit several kennels of dogs before making its choice
Adopting its future pet in a breeding dogs is much more reliable than to its acquisition in a pet store. It is possible to go to the meeting from different breeders at dog shows.

Apply to several farms can do not rush in the acquisition of a new animal and be able to create a climate of confidence by discovering the living conditions of animals and in asking questions to the breeder. In the case of a bad impression, it is useless to remain: an other dog breeding will surely better meet your expectations.