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List of hunting dogs

January 27, 2015 Simon 0

The hounds, hunting dogs, the Feists, terriers and curs comprise five categories main hounds. These can be divided into subcategories that describe whether the dog uses the […]

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How is parvovirus canine spread?

January 15, 2015 Simon 0

The parvovirus canine is a highly infectious disease that results in the death of about 80% of infected untreated animals. The disease usually affects puppies and has two […]

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Canine parvovirus disease

January 13, 2015 Simon 0

Dog owners should be educated, be aware and practice safe socialization when it comes to canine parvovirus. The American Veterinary Medical Association(Veterinary Medical Association US) warns that […]

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Tamiflu for a puppy with parvovirus

January 11, 2015 Simon 0

The parvovirus is a viral disease that primarily affects puppies. It attacks and kills healthy cells of the intestinal wall, causing diarrhea, suppression of white blood cells and […]